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What's going on down in Florida?
What's going on down in Florida?  © 123RF/jovannig

From that beautiful beach weather to those horrible hurricanes, Florida is one of the more interesting states in the USA. TAG24 is here to deliver interesting Florida News, funny stories and some of that classic Miami drama.

From buildings ruined during natural disasters, to fantastic surfers and crazy animal stories, Florida is not a place lacking in curiosities. This Republican center within the south east of the US is also not without its controversies, the state being famous for its conservatism and large elderly population.

TAG24 reports on political news within Florida, including topics such as the state's response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the latest moves to come from the Republican Government. The state's strongman Governor, Ron Desantis, also provides plenty of material.

Florida coverage here at TAG24 will not, however, focus entirely on state politics. Instead, you will find the latest information on the next hurricane season, updates on Florida's latest freak accident or strange animal sighting, amusing stories about life down in this beach paradise, and more.

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