Dogs of Instagram and TikTok: Best social media dog breeds

Don't you just love a good dog TikTok or some sweet pet snaps on Instagram? If you do, then you'd probably agree that certain dogs are more appealing for social media than others - but which ones?

There's a lot more to building an Instagram dog career than a few good snaps.
There's a lot more to building an Instagram dog career than a few good snaps.  © Imago/Funke Foto Services

There are few better ways to procrastinate at work, enjoy a waiting room or bus ride, or spend short periods of downtime in between episodes of your favorite TV show than watching some cute dog videos on TikTok or Instagram. It's therapeutic and joyful to watch these fluffy creatures running rampant, but what if you could be the one behind the camera?

Any prospective dog influencer has probably wondered what dog breed they should be looking for. Which dog breeds have the most screen presence and the brightest personalities? These are the best social media dog breeds.

Top 10 best social media dog breeds

If you're looking to make yourself into a social media dog influencer, your choice of doggo is possibly the most important thing to consider. As an influencer, you need a pup who's photogenic and good in front of the camera, cute and handsome, and who has a big and marketable personality.

Certain dog breeds are more commonly predisposed to such traits. While never guaranteed to find you success, these cute little dudes are some of the sweetest and best pets in the world - so it's kind-of a win-win!

Rottweilers make great influencers on account of their innate contrast: Silliness and beefiness.
Rottweilers make great influencers on account of their innate contrast: Silliness and beefiness.  © Unsplash/Luzelle Cockburn

10. Rottweiler

When you're going for a social media dog, you want one that is both physically and visually striking but also quirky in some unique and interesting way. The rottweiler is perfect in both these cases, as their beautiful appearances are impressing and intimidating in equal measure, and their personalities overbearing and loving in equally equal measure.

The thing about the rottweiler is that it looks both frightening and cute at the same time. Looking up at you with those big stupid eyes, they'll make your heart melt while keeping you a little nervous and uncomfortable at all times. Make sure that you are an experienced dog owner before adopting one of these dudes, as they can be a handful!

9. French bulldog

French bulldogs are funny, silly dogs.
French bulldogs are funny, silly dogs.  © Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart

There are few dogs that display as much joy and appreciation as the French bulldog. With smiles bigger than their face could reasonably be expected to allow, these little bullies are both sweet and funny. Perfect for dressing up in fancy clothes, these little dudes bring a dynamism that you both need and want whenever talking about a social media dog.

Keep in mind, though, that French bulldogs don't come without their fair share of health issues. Due to the nature of their breed and the shape of their face and neck, they have tremendous trouble breathing. As a result, you can expect a bit of criticism online if you have one of these little dudes.

8. Labrador

Labrador puppies are some of the proudest pooches in the world.
Labrador puppies are some of the proudest pooches in the world.  © Unsplash/Taylor Kopel

Possibly some of the most beautiful and elegant dogs in the world, if you're looking for your new social media presence to be based on looks, a labrador would be the perfect choice. They are the quintessential "dog," fulfilling all the stereotypes that you'd expect both physically and in terms of their personalities.

A labrador is loyal, friendly, and loving. It is also incredibly devoted and protective, making it the perfect choice for a variety of social media styles, as long as it always has something to do with the dog-human relationship. There's also the look factor - people will swoon over a lab!

7. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are remarkably sweet dogs that make very funny influencers.
Chihuahuas are remarkably sweet dogs that make very funny influencers.  © Unsplash/Robina Weermeijer

Look, there's no point brushing around the bush here; we're not the biggest fans of chihuahuas. They're loud, don't look particularly appealing, and live far too long than they really should. All that being said, you can hardly throw shade on their ability to draw a ravenous crowd on Instagram and TikTok.

Chihuahuas might not be our cup of tea, but they're some of the most popular and well-known dogs and certainly have personalities big enough for social media stardom. Tiny, with exaggerated features and endlessly amusing facial expressions, you'll never have a dull day with these dudes around.

6. Dachshund

The Dachshund is perfect for the meme factor on social media.
The Dachshund is perfect for the meme factor on social media.  © Unsplash/James Watson

Commonly referred to as "weiner dogs," Dachshunds used to be used for the hunting of rodents, particularly moles. As such, they have some rather strange and rather wildly aggressive tendencies for dogs so completely tiny and unassuming.

Running on all fours, with paws and legs so miniscule that they are hardly above the ground when they run, there is nothing funnier than a Dachshund in full-flight. As a result, purely for the meme factor and endless amusement they'll supply to your rabid fan base, the Dachshund is an excellent choice for social media.

5. Poodle

Poodles are crazy doggos, ridiculous and hilarious, and perfect for Instagram modeling gigs.
Poodles are crazy doggos, ridiculous and hilarious, and perfect for Instagram modeling gigs.  © Unsplash/Tuomas Härkönen

If you want to build an Instagram channel where you show off your dog grooming skills, a poodle would be perfect. With their luscious locks of endless curls, tiny button eyes, and wet, shiny noses, they are striking yet cute, strange yet normal, and ridiculously versatile if you're looking to go all-out when grooming.

Take your poodle to dog shows and broadcast live, getting it all sorts of awards (and yourself some in the process, too, of course). Try out different hairstyles and bring your audience along. You could even make a channel showing off how to clean a poodle properly - it's quite difficult; surely there's a market you could get busy exploiting?

4. Yorkshire terrier

Yorkies: Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a suit!
Yorkies: Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a suit!  © Unsplash/Kin Li

Yorkies are some of the most popular dogs in the world, largely on account of their keenness to dress up in costume. This, luckily, is quite possibly a good way into the TikTok or Instagram space. After all, people on the net like nothing more than to watch cute little rat-like dogs running around dressed as Superman, a spider, or something equally devilish.

The simple fact of the matter is that your average Yorkshire terrier would certainly make a good social media star. This is because they are incredibly versatile creatures - if you want to go with the grooming angle, you're set; quirky and strange behavior, you're also set!

3. German shepherd

Is there any dog more photogenic than the German shepherd?
Is there any dog more photogenic than the German shepherd?  © Unsplash/Yuriy Bogdanov

These big boys are some of the largest doggos around and some of the most beloved of them all. Incredibly iconic, intelligent, and happy, while at times they can be quite intimidating, inside most German shepherds is nothing but an overly-inflated joy and happiness that simply radiates.

It's for these reasons that German shepherds make good social media dogs. There's just something cheerful about the German shepherd, but also something that instills confidence and a feeling of safety into someone that few other dogs can offer - and none to the same extent.

2. Australian shepherd

Australian shepherds are remarkable, beautiful, and incredibly intelligent dogs.
Australian shepherds are remarkable, beautiful, and incredibly intelligent dogs.  © Unsplash/Martin Blanquer

While their name might be misleading (Australian shepherds are, ironically, actually originally from California), there's nothing misleading about saying that these big doggos are some of the smartest in the world. Perfect for more complex training or stunts that require a canine with a few more skills in their belt, the Australian shepherd is the perfect social media dog.

It also doesn't hurt that they're more gorgeous than Galadriel. These dogs are coated in thick and beautiful hair that's characterized by featuring a variety of colors and forming interesting patterns right across their bodies. On top of that, the Australian shepherd possibly has the most striking eyes of any dog breed. Again, it's a win-win situation here.

1. Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are some of the best, and most versatile dogs in the world.
Golden retrievers are some of the best, and most versatile dogs in the world.  © Unsplash/Shayna Douglas

Possibly the most beloved dog breed of all time, the golden retriever will forever be your best bet if you're looking for a dog social media career. They are smart creatures, capable of being trained to do tricks and the like, and there are few dogs more excited to play and spend time with you than these fluffy creatures, complete with their golden souls.

What's best, though, in the context of social media, is the extraordinary diversity that a golden retriever could provide. You could groom it and go for that angle; you could play games and train it to do things with you. You could even just simply provide observations of its amusing behaviors and habits - who wouldn't want to watch that, after all?

What makes a dog good for social media?

When looking to adopt a dog that'll make it in the competitive space of social media, you need one that is unique in one way or another. Perhaps a dog that you have trained to do certain things that'll bring a smile to people's faces, or grooming a dog to such an extent that people will watch your content as a way to get their daily fashion fix.

In the end, though, there is no tried and true method here. You need to find your own vision and do what you feel is the best for you. What is guaranteed, no matter what, is that it is going to be a lot of work and a long, long road.

Cover photo: Imago/Funke Foto Services

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