What are the top 10 prettiest dog breeds in the world?

Not every dog is a looker, but some are so beautiful that you'd think they belong in a Hollywood movie. Let's forget about personality for a moment and take a look at the prettiest dog breeds in the world.

Some dogs are not just cute, but insanely beautiful as well.
Some dogs are not just cute, but insanely beautiful as well.  © Unsplash/Justin Aikin

Beautiful dogs are all around us, inhabiting apartments far and wide, prowling suburban streets, wandering wistfully through the woods, impressing us with their heartfelt stares. While pretty much any dog can be classified as "cute," not every fluffy fellow can be considered "beautiful." As such, we're dedicating this article to an underappreciated group: the pretty doggos!

In this dog guide, TAG24 will take a look at our top ten picks for the prettiest dog breeds in the world. Which dogs are so beautiful that they'd make Cate Blanchett blush? Let's take a look.

What makes the most beautiful dog breeds so pretty?

We've all seen a cute puppy, we've all had our hearts flutter at the sight of those tiny paws and those instantly infectious eyes. Not everyone, though, as seen a dog that has made them go "Damn, that's one good-looking doggo!" It's curious, though, because you'd think that cuteness and beauty go hand-in-hand.

Cuteness is all about appealing to our primal love for, and the protectiveness we feel towards, babies. Things with big heads in comparison to their bodies, for example, almost always bring a thumping chest and a tear to the eye. On the flip side, beauty is about elegance.

Dogs that are beautiful will often be more traditional. They'll have straight, shiny, and well maintained hair, they'll have strong bone lines and will look proud, straight, and strong. Beautiful dogs generally have perfect proportions and look aesthetically pleasing on a more intellectual level, rather than appealing to our sense of "aww."

There is a traditional sense of "beauty" for doggos as well. Dogs that have stronger features, perfect fur, and intelligent eyes are considered more beautiful than cute (though they are likely both). We're going to focus on these doggos in this list!

Top 10 prettiest dog breeds

So, we've already talked about the ugliest dog breeds in the world (and there were some absolute crackers!). It's now only fair to take a look at their opposites, the doggos that impress more with how pretty and beautiful they appear to be.

These are our picks for the top 10 prettiest dog breeds in the world. What are the best looking dogs to have ever graced us with their presence? It's time for a deep dive – let's take a look.

Samoyeds are some of the sweetest and most elegant dogs in the world.
Samoyeds are some of the sweetest and most elegant dogs in the world.  © Unsplash/Jf Brou

10. Samoyed

A herding dog that hails from the cold of Siberia, taking its name from the Samoyedic people, the samoyed has the looks of a white wolf. These remarkable dogs are strong, medium-sized pooches that have been bred to assist in the herding of livestock, to help local peoples hunt for food, to pull sleds, and to protect their beloved humans.

While not a dog that makes for a particularly great family pet, samoyed doggos are some of the prettiest and most elegant looking canines around. With their thick hair, completely white coat, and piercing eyes, there's little to complain about when it comes to the looks of such a wonderful and fascinating canine companion.

9. Chow Chow

Chow-Chows are insanely beautiful, and are famous for their blue tongues.
Chow-Chows are insanely beautiful, and are famous for their blue tongues.  © Unsplash/Moujib Aghrout

The Chow Chow has become well-known for its blue tongue and puffy appearance. But beneath that mound of fur is a dog so pretty that you'd hardly imagine it possible. These dogs are so fluffy and adorable that few take the chance to step back a little bit and truly appreciate the extent of their good looks.

You see, chow chows are quite stocky in their build, but feature fur that so perfectly coats their bodies that they'd feel warm even in the depths of winter. They have squinty eyes, but a proud nose and ears that almost disappear behind their impressive manes – the chow chow is almost certainly one of the most beautiful and adorable dogs in the world.

8. Irish settler

Irish settlers are almost regal in the way that they hold themselves.
Irish settlers are almost regal in the way that they hold themselves.  © IMAGO/Wirestock

There's something intense and proud about the way that the Irish settler holds itself, and that same intensity is what makes it profoundly beautiful. With its origins belted in the 1500s, Irish settlers only became known for what they are today since the 18th Century.

Their red-brown coats emerged as the result of breeding, but have now become iconic to the Irish settler. What's so impressive about Irish settlers, though, is that the history they have almost lends itself to the regal looks and attitudes they seem to hold. Irish settlers originated in (you guessed it) Ireland, and have become an intimate part of local culture for literal centuries.

7. Siberian husky

Siberian huskies are wolf-like in their looks, and have stunning eyes.
Siberian huskies are wolf-like in their looks, and have stunning eyes.  © Unsplash/Reba Spike

Few dogs are more beautiful than the husky, except for perhaps the Siberian husky. With thick double-coated fur and insanely distinctive markings around the face and eyes, the Siberian husky is remarkably similar to the Alaskan malamute, except for the fact that it lives on the other side of the North Pacific ocean.

They are energetic, resilient, and incredibly loving dogs, but are certainly not for people who haven't had much dog experience. These fluff balls will need to be trained from a very young age, and will need plenty of exercise if you don't want them wrecking your house.

6. Alaskan malamute

Alaskan malamutes are intelligent and incredibly pretty.
Alaskan malamutes are intelligent and incredibly pretty.  © Unsplash/Daniel Tuttle

You've probably noticed that the Alaskan malamute looks remarkably similar to the Siberian husky, and that's for good reason. These two dogs are almost identical in the way that they have been trained and bred to survive in cold and harsh conditions. They also have some common ancestors and physically look almost the same.

The main difference, though, is in their breeding. After all these two dog breeds have grown up on opposite sides of the Pacific ocean, in two very different countries. Whatever its history though, whatever its relationship with the Siberian husky, no one can deny that the Alaskan malamute is an insanely beautiful, pretty, and proud looking canine companion.

5. German shepherds

German shepherds rarely disappoint in the looks department.
German shepherds rarely disappoint in the looks department.  © Unsplash/Anna Dudkova

German shepherds are big and strong, and not the usual suspect that you'd expect to see on a list of the most beautiful dogs. We believe that they are insanely under-appreciated, though. These gorgeous dogs, coming to us courtesy of the Germans, are some of the most popular and family-friendly dogs around.

Their family-friendly nature comes as a surprise to many who see their immense size as a barrier to entry. What makes them gorgeous, though, is their personality, happiness, and their friendliness towards humans. They are perfectly safe, but their biggest crime is that they don't have a better reputation. Sure, these aren't stereotypically pretty dogs, but the German shepherd is still one of the most beautiful breeds in the world!

4. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdogs are some of the prettiest dogs in the world.
Shetland sheepdogs are some of the prettiest dogs in the world.  © IMAGO/Pond5

Often referred to as shelties, the Shetland sheepdog is one of the prettiest dogs to ever walk the face of the Earth. A collie-variant, these insanely smart and active dogs have become known for being clever, incredibly loyal, and intensively attached to their owners. With a thick coat, they're also ideal for cold climates.

Taking its name from the Islands on which it became, the Shetland sheepdogs stand proud alongside the Shetland pony, Shetland cattle, and Shetland sheep. They are hardy dogs, capable of managing in very tough environments. Funnily enough, though, these darling doggos are the descendants of Scottish Collies and King Charles Spaniels that were mixed to form this intelligent and insanely beautiful dog.

3. Bernese mountain dog

Bernese mountain dogs are shockingly beautiful, and insanely cute.
Bernese mountain dogs are shockingly beautiful, and insanely cute.  © IMAGO/Wirestock

Another European wonder, the Bernese mountain dog is one of the biggest dogs in the world and isn't usually considered the best of pets. You see, while Bernese mountain dogs are incredibly friendly and incredibly pretty, they weren't designed for home life and quickly become restless - especially when they're not agility trained every couple of days.

Big and brawny, the Bernese mountain dog originates from the Swiss Alps and is one of the prettiest dog breeds in the world. They have also held some pretty extraordinary roles. Originally, the Bernese mountain dog was one of a few designed to be capable of finding and saving people who have become stranded in the mountains. Nowadays, they can also be found working on farms near Bern.

2. Golden retriever

Have you ever seen anything more majestic than a golden retriever?
Have you ever seen anything more majestic than a golden retriever?  © Unsplash/Enis Yavuz

Golden retrievers set the gold standard for all that makes a pooch perfect! They're beautiful, adorable, friendly, and they are some of the chillest doggos on the planet. Honestly, though, if it wasn't for our number one pick, golden retrievers would have easily taken home first place in this list.

There are genuinely no dogs as friendly and companion-like than golden retrievers. Always eager to please and eager to be loved and appreciated, these adorable creatures stand proud among the greats of canine kind, and have every right to be fond and proud of their heritage. They're some of the safest doggos, they're great around children, and they're pretty – what's not to love?

1. Australian shepherd

Australian shepherds are quite possibly the prettiest dogs in the world.
Australian shepherds are quite possibly the prettiest dogs in the world.  © imago/Eibner Europa

Contrary to the name it holds, the Australian shepherd is sadly not entirely true blue. Instead, these gorgeous dogs were bred to be herding dogs in the United States – specifically in California. It is theorized that these distinctively American dogs are called Australian shepherds because they originated from collies brought over from the land down under many moons ago.

There is truly no dog more beautiful, friendly, and adorable than the Australian shepherd. They are possibly the perfect dog breed, the only drawback being their need for attention and their want to be smooched on a regular basis.

Pretty dogs, handsome dogs, and the best dogs in the world

Which dogs are the best in the world? Are they pretty, are they handsome, are they ugly, are they wildly massive, are they tiny, what are they? Well, they're whatever you think they are. After all, in the same way that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's also not what everyone looks for in a dog.

Some people want their dog to melt their hearts with an undying level of cuteness. They don't want a dog that's elegant and pretty, they want a fluff ball that'll bring a smile to their face. Thus, could the perfect dog be a little bit of both?

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