Stylish dog steals hearts with fan-tache-tic facial hair!

Iceland - Mustaches may be a matter of taste when it comes to humans, but with Frida the dog, everyone seems to agree: it's super cute!

Frida's fans love her unusual facial fur.
Frida's fans love her unusual facial fur.  © Collage: Instagram/fridatheminibull

Does this dog really have a mustache? How is that possible? Only a closer look at the pictures reveals the truth.

Frida the miniature bull terrier happens to have dark-colored fur around her muzzle, which looks like a mustache at first glance.

The impression was even more pronounced when Frida was young and her ears hadn't quite grown yet.

Golden retriever loves getting scratches from cat sibling!
Dogs Golden retriever loves getting scratches from cat sibling!

It's no wonder the internet is completely in love with the cute pup. She already has more than 13,000 followers on the Instagram profile fridatheminibull.

In the comments section, one fan pointed out the dog's resemblance to Queen singer Freddie Mercury (†45).

The dog's name evokes another compariso: to artist Frida Kahlo (†47), known for her distinctive eyebrows.

Frida steals the show with her "mustache"

Frida lives with her owners in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

Her adoptive parents revealed on Instagram that they got Frida just a few months ago, so the pup is sure to entertain the internet for a while to come.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/fridatheminibull

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