Owner-dog duo Mary and Secret become Instagram darlings for doing everything together

Seattle, Washington - Secret's love for his owner Mary Peters is melting hearts on Instagram. The owner-dog duo do everything together and this Australian shepherd is not just extremely intelligent, but cuddly, well-trained, and relentlessly positive.

Mary and Secret have gone viral for their Instagram videos working out together.
Mary and Secret have gone viral for their Instagram videos working out together.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@my_aussie_gal

The six-year-old dog adores Mary with all his heart, and all it takes is one click on their account my_aussie_gal to be blown away by the amazing relationship they have. Pictures of the two cuddling in bed, reading a book, and playing jenga are proof of their unique bond.

Mary and Secret have such a deep bond that they seem to do everything together, sharing their workout sessions, games, and fun times on their viral Instagram account, which boasts a whopping 1.8 million followers.

Secret's intelligence becomes clear when Mary and Secret play together

Most special, however, are the videos in which Secret impresses everyone with his intelligence. In one of them, Mary is seen building a snowman – but not on her own! Instead, she gets some helpful assistance from her loyal canine companion, who rolls up the snowballs, looks for sticks for the arms, and puts gloves and a scarf on the ice man.

Later, after a request from Mary, he even runs back into the home, wipes his paws off on the door mat, and pulls on a chain to open the fridge. Incredibly, he picks out a carrot, shuts the fridge door, runs out to Mary, and watches closely puts the finishing touches on the snowman's nose.

As soon as she's done, they give each other a high five. While this might seem quite extraordinary in itself, it's not even the most remarkable thing that this handsome hound can do!

Secret's range of abilities are impressive

Secret and Mary love to spend their winters building snowmen together.
Secret and Mary love to spend their winters building snowmen together.  © Screenshot/Instagram/@my_aussie_gal

Secret also likes to help clean the house, bake his favorite cookies, or workout with his loving owner. Whatever it is that they're doing, this fluffy bundle of energy is always up for activities and trying new things.

In one of the cute couple's latest videos, Secret rolls down Mary's yoga mat, does some dumbbell lifts, and even performs a few deep squats! The two truly seem to be made for each other.

With a canine companion like this, and a home full of love as well as fun common activities, it's a lot easier to get through these tough corona times.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@my_aussie_gal

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