Minty fresh and spider free: woman shares home-made spider repellent recipe

Internet - A Facebook user claims that she has found an easy way to keep creepy crawlers out of her house.

Spiders are among the most hated critters.
Spiders are among the most hated critters.  © 123rf/ Benjamin King

Spiders are probably one of the most unpopular animals and many people have paralyzing phobias when it comes to arachnids.

One of the worst things about spiders is that once they get in, they make themselves right at home and start spinning their webs everywhere.

Getting your unwanted house guests to move out is often a hassle, which involves hunting around with a vacuum cleaner or spraying toxic repellents everywhere.

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But it doesn't have to be that way, according to a Facebook user named Sylvia. On the Extreme Couponing and Bargins UK Group, the woman shared her original method of keeping the creepy crawlies at bay.

She claims that the web weavers hate mint and just a whiff of it makes them scurry in the other direction.

Sylvia explained that she just mixed some mint leaves in with some disinfectant and then put it in a spray bottle.

Then she sprayed the mixture on all the windows sills and doors frames outside to keep the insects away.

Mint is cheap and effective way to keep spiders away

Mint should keep the spiders away.
Mint should keep the spiders away.  © 123rf/ Catalina-Gabriela Molnar

Sylvia described her ingenious process: "Had a leftover packet  of mint and a small amount of cleaner left. Chopped mint and added anti bac cleaner and filled with water."

"Sprayed under the windowsill outside and around the door. I watched the spiders run as I sprayed. They hate mint right enough. Some people use essential oils but I just thought I would use what I had."

This homemade insect spray doesn't only sound extremely effective, it's also easy to make and cheap!

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No wonder that the post in the Facebook group quickly collected over 3,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments. Users were enthusiastic about the idea and were eager to try it out.

Cover photo: 123rf/ Benjamin King

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