"That was a big one": embarrassing Zoom accident sends class into peals of laughter

Internet – Everyone knows that embarrassing feeling when you accidentally let one rip in public. Working and learning from home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn't eliminate the possibility of nasty surprises, as this Twitter video shows.

The teacher can't contain her laughter.
The teacher can't contain her laughter.  © Screenshot/Twitter/Dyslexic_aDve

That's what happened on this Zoom meeting, which was recorded and shared to social media.

In the clip posted by Dyslexic_aDve, a teacher is giving a remote lesson, asking her young students about their "journeys book." In the moment of silence, an anonymous class member lets out a loud fart.

The teacher manages to keep a straight face for a moment or two before bursting into laughter. She turns away from the camera to hide her expression.

The boys and girls also find the moment comical and can't contain their raucous glee.

"That was a big one," one little boy remarks with a goofy grin.

The teacher tries to regain control over the class, despite the hilarity.

"I don't know who it was, but whoever it was might be a little embarrassed. Let's stop," she says.

Nevertheless, she can't hide the smile on her face.

The culprit remains a mystery, but the students seem convinced they know who it was. They suspect their teacher of cutting the cheese!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Dyslexic_aDve

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