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Keep up to date on the most mysterious news right here on TAG24.
Keep up to date on the most mysterious news right here on TAG24.  © 123RF/andreiuc88

From the latest UFO sightings to the most dramatic murder mysteries, TAG24 is here for all of your Mystery News needs. 

Do you believe in ghosts? What about aliens? TAG24 is your best go-to for all things mysterious, be it terrifying, hilarious, or downright weird. When scientists unveil the latest scientific mystery to be solved, when a tremendous and curious discovery is made, this is the place to be.

Every year we get our fair share of dramatic mysteries in need of solving, from murders and crimes to "what the hell is that thing up in the sky?". TAG24 will investigate the biggest mysteries, report on the latest findings, and keep you up to date on all of the world's biggest questions.

Most mysterious sightings "caught on tape" are, of course, hoaxes. It's important, though, that any sightings are reported on, thoroughly investigated, and that the public is kept informed on the outcome of those investigations. TAG24 reports on these outcomes, be it about alien and UFO sightings, or tragic crimes.

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TAG24 is your best bet for the latest Mystery News and investigations.