Woman gets rejected by her date in "the most 2021" way ever!

Lawrence, Kansas - Dating in times of the coronavirus pandemic is anything but easy. Twitter user Sarah Kelly can tell you a thing or two about it.

This message wasn't at all what Sarah Kelly expected. (stock image)
This message wasn't at all what Sarah Kelly expected. (stock image)  © 123RF/fizkes

She was looking for a new relationship and thought she had a good chance – at least until she got this weird text message from the guy she had been seeing.

The man let her down in a way that couldn't have been more 2021: "Ur really cool however I found someone who is already Vaccinated!! So I think we both wanna minimize our bubble n stay safer in these trying times."

That was okay for her, she "wasn't feeling it with this guy anyway". However, she was left speechless by this "tremendous content".

Her tweet of the screenshot quickly went viral, garnering more than 311,000 likes and over 21,000 retweets.

In the comments, Sarah's story mostly provoked sympathy. One user really didn't like the pandemic clichés in the man's message: "'In these trying times' is the best part. I'm surprised he didn't sign off with 'we're all in this together.'"

Twitter find the guy's excuse hilarious

"Wait, is this real? There's no way this is real. Do people talk like this to other people...and think it sounds good," another asked in shock.

One user confirmed to Sarah that it is currently a trend on dating apps to brag about already being vaccinated in order to have a better chance with the other person.

But not everyone felt sorry for the young woman. Many immediately began to criticize that she dates at all in times of a pandemic, to which Sarah simply replied:

"I might not feel the need to date if I could see my friends or family but I can't. So I date one (1) person at a time because like most humans I can't function for a full calendar year without human interaction."

It shouldn't take too long before Sarah joins the privileged vaccinated group in the dating pool.

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