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TAG24 reports on the strangest goings on from around the world.
TAG24 reports on the strangest goings on from around the world.  © 123RF/Klanarong Chitmung

Are you looking for the most bizarre, fascinating, and curious news from around the world? Well, then it's lucky that you've stumbled upon TAG24's "Strange Things" section. Let's keep you all up-to-date.

People love curious stories, whether its an oddly-shaped birthmark, ghost ships suddenly appearing out of the blue, or the most recent alien sighting. Absurd and curious stories captivate people, and make people question what they're reading, but isn't that the fun of it all?

At TAG24 you will find a variety of curiosities, from the latest Loch Ness Monster Theory, to talk of the apocalypse. From the strangest accidents, to the most bizarre of crimes, from the biggest "WTF" moments to glorious new trends and influencers, this is the place to be.

Many of these stories go viral within a very short time, spreading like wildfire across the web. This goes especially for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where entertaining and astoundingly "odd" content is internet gold. TAG24 will keep you updated, and bring you a ton of laughs in the process.

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For the strangest news from across the internet, the biggest (bizarre) discoveries, and more, stick to TAG24.