Rapper Lil Yase shot and killed in unexplained attack

San Francisco, California – Fans are mourning Lil Yase after a TMZ report revealed that the musician was shot and killed Friday night.

Lil Yase was in the recording studio shortly before his death.
Lil Yase was in the recording studio shortly before his death.  © Screenshot/Instagram/yasemoney600

Mark Antonyyo Alexander (†26), known by the stage name Lil Yase, was in a recording studio with friends on Friday night, in Marin County, San Francisco.

Shortly before midnight, his friends said that the rapper left the group but assured them that he would be right back. An hour later, the 26-year-old was found dead a few miles from the studio.

Friends and acquaintances insisted that Lil Yase had no enemies and that they couldn't imagine why someone would want to harm him.

On Friday, Lil Yase had posted a photo on Instagram celebrating Thanksgiving. The replies to this post are now filled with expressions of grief and shock.

Fans share their grief on the rapper's Instagram profile

Lil Yase started rapping at the age of 18 and founded his own label, Highway 420 Productions.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/yasemoney600

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