Salma Hayek's photoshopped bikini snaps spark shocked fan response

Internet - Salma Hayek has been on holiday in paradise, sharing a variety of saucy snaps on Instagram. Now, fans have noticed that something is wrong with her bikini photos, and have expressed their displeasure.

Salma Hayek's bikini photos mishap followed a series of holiday snaps posted to Instagram.
Salma Hayek's bikini photos mishap followed a series of holiday snaps posted to Instagram.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@salmahayek

One of Salma Hayek's latest Instagram posts has sparked a slight bikini mishap after it showed the Hollywood star in black sunglasses and a plunge cut two-piece that showcases her form perfectly.

The 54-year-old is seen on holidays in crystal-clear water, in front of a wooden wall. The shot seems picture-perfect until you take a closer look at the background - specifically, how the water looks around her waist.

It seems pretty clear that Salma Hayek's bikini photos have been photoshopped to give the actor a smaller waistline. Now, fans are unhappy about the seemingly saucy snaps.

Salma Hayek's bikini photo mishap not the first

This wouldn't be the first time that one of Salma's photos looked like it had been photoshopped to make the star look even more glamorous.

On December 29, Salma shared a vacation photo that was clearly photoshopped.

The picture shows her at the beach in a pink bikini, but if you take a closer look at her midriff, you might notice the horizon in the background is arching upwards in a strange and unrealistic way.

Salma Hayek's Photoshop bikini photos the perfect editing mishap

The whole scene looks incredibly unnatural, and is clearly unrealistic. It seems that the actor's bust has been boosted with photoshop, as has her waist. In the comment's one fan stated the obvious: "You are beautiful, you don’t need photoshopping."

Despite the sloppy photo editing, though, more than 1.3 million followers liked the bikini beach picture, and 1.9 liked the brown bikini post.

Her followers showered the Mexican native with compliments. Some wrote that she is aging like "a fine wine," while others gushed complements like "beautiful" and "amazing."

Fans go nuts over Salma Hayek's sexy bikini snaps

Most just couldn't get over how young she looks in the pictures, positing the question "Do you even age?"

Another fan wrote: "I don't even get mad when my husband talks about how hot you are."

Who knows, maybe the many thousands of positive comments will give Salma Hayek the courage to post an unedited picture in the future, and avoid another photoshopped bikini photo mishap.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@salmahayek

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