Facebook's new label lets anyone be an "Expert"!

Menlo Park, California - Facebook is rolling out a new "Group Expert" label that administers can gift to those they deem most knowledgeable about a group's subject. However, there is no way to check an expert's credibility, which could create big problems for the platform.

Facebook group administrators can now select who might be best to hold the title of Group Expert.
Facebook group administrators can now select who might be best to hold the title of Group Expert.  © Screenshot/ Facebook.com/community/whats-new/introducing-group-experts/

Facebook is using the term "expert" a little loosely with the introduction of their latest label.

According to The Verge, a member of a group can now receive the title of Group Expert from an admin, giving them a badge alongside their name on posts and in Q&A.

Labeled badges such as New Member and Conversation Starter were previously given by the Facebook algorithm automatically, depending on your status and activity in a group. But a Group Expert has to be nominated by an admin and accepted before they can ascend the throne.

The move poses many questions for the new user-deemed titles, and the possible negative effects it could create on the platform.

In Facebook's announcement of the new label, they did not say whether a group can have multiple experts or if users would be vying for a single title.

Administrators of groups boasting tens or even hundreds of thousands of members may not even be able to readily identify the most knowledgeable users on the group's topic.

The platform is currently trying to determine how admins can better sort through a group's membership to find Experts, but so far its efforts have been based on users volunteering information about topics.

And unlike services that verify college degrees, Facebook does not have any way to confirm that any user actually knows anything about a topic.

Because these Experts will be able to post anything they want, there is also no way to curb the spread of false information, other than individual users flagging a post as misleading.

Or, the admin revoking the coveted Group Expert title.

Cover photo: Screenshot/ Facebook.com/community/whats-new/introducing-group-experts/

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