Famous "Charlie bit my finger" viral video sold for a fortune as NFT!

London, UK - A home video that went viral on the internet has brought unexpected wealth to two brothers from England and their family.

The video of Harry and Charly went viral on YouTube and brought wealth to the family.
The video of Harry and Charly went viral on YouTube and brought wealth to the family.  © Screenshot/YouTube/HDCYT

It was 2007, YouTube was just two years old, and Howard Davies-Carr decided to upload a hilarious family video. In the years since, the clip has been viewed 885 million times all over the world. The BBC reported on Thursday that the classic moment between two young brothers has sold as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for 538,000 pounds (about $759,700) at auction.

NFTs are a kind of digital certificate of authenticity: while there can be any number of identical copies of the artwork, only this one can be considered the original.

Harry, now 17, is the one bitten by his baby brother Charlie. He said of the sale, "We were on a Clubhouse call with whoever else wanted to listen in, so we were there the whole time that it was being sold." He plans to use some of the proceeds to finance his engineering studies in London.

Charlie (15), the star of the video, doesn't yet know what he wants to study - but says in the BBC interview that the money would still be enough for he and his two other younger brothers who came along in the years after the video.

The family has also earned more than money through YouTube views, with Howard estimating the total income at around one million pounds, or $1.4 million.

Charlie doesn't even remember filming the video, of course, and says the effects of it have been a big part of his life, "We've been to America twice from it, I went round Sky's studios, and we've met a lot of cool people. It's just an extra part of our life that's quite interesting."

Cover photo: Screenshot/YouTube/HDCYT

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