Bubbles barely cover this curvy Playboy model

Chile - Daniella Chavez's fans love the free content they're getting from the Playboy model.

Daniella Chavez posted a sexy video in the bathtub.
Daniella Chavez posted a sexy video in the bathtub.  © Twitter/Screenshot/@daniellachavezc

The adult model already has 13.8 million followers on her Instagram account, in addition to another 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Daniella also has a platform where fans are asked to pay for additional, more explicit content. There, she has 43,000 likes.

For weeks, the influencer has been trying to get her fans to pay up.

The Chilean beauty has been linking her content directly to her paid page, where fans can see even more of her stunning body.

Fans are delighted that the model keeps pushing the envelope on Instagram and Twitter in her attempt to recruit more paid subscribers.

The latest example of Daniella's increasingly explicit content on her public pages is a video she posted on Twitter of herself splashing around in a hot tub. She also shared a glossy picture of the bubble bath on Instagram.

In both posts, Daniella opts to use foam as a bathing suit, but it doesn't always cover everything.

Daniella Chavez's content is a mishmash between elaborately designed and edited pictures and more candid selfie shots.

It remains to be seen whether Daniella's strategy will be successful in getting her fans to pay for more.

Cover photo: Twitter/Screenshot/@daniellachavezc/Instagram/Screenshot/daniellachavezofficial

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