Fitness model Maggie Chruścickam gets hit on by young guys who can't believe her age

Wałcz, Poland - Maggie Chruścickam has been bitten by a fitness bug that has sent her into the heights of influencer stardom. She goes to the gym five to six times a week and, as a result, looks so good that she gets hit on by men less than half her age.

Maggie Chruścickam said she's addicted to sports and fitness.
Maggie Chruścickam said she's addicted to sports and fitness.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@maggieinred

It all began 18 years ago, when Maggie started exercising regularly after her 40th birthday. She began jogging, played tennis, did plenty of yoga, took up skiing, and went swimming five times a week.

"I have been addicted to sport since I was 40-years-old," the Polish influencer told the Daily Star. "I quickly noticed that sport is good also for my mind. It helps to manage with stress and makes me happy,"

Maggie didn't start her fitness evolution until after she turned 40, when she tried bodybuilding for the first time and discovered her new passion. She can now lift weights up to 150 pounds.

Maggie shares her fitness journey with thousands of obsessed fans

"I have a personal trainer and do my workouts five to six times a week for about two hours," she said. "After three years, I am fit but not ready to go and win a bikini fitness competition yet... this is my goal."

It would be even more incredible if she were to win such an award at her age - she's 58-years-old and is considered sexier than most women half her age.

Perhaps this is why she feels so awesome in her body, which she shares with thousands of followers on Instagram, where she goes as @maggieinred. She's cheered on and worshiped for her model and bikini shots.

"The thing I enjoy the most about it is my fit, shaped, young and sexy body," she said of her successful transformation.

58-year-old model receives interest from men who are far too young

While the 58-year-old receives a lot of praise and recognition from her fans, she is most regularly showered with comments from a particular age group – younger men!

"They say things like, 'Your legs are like a highway to heaven' and 'Your body is perfectly stunning and divine' and can't believe that I'm 58," Maggie said.

But when the requests get inappropriate, the model acts immediately: "I've received advances from men after they've seen my pictures. I'm nice and polite, but if somebody breaks the rules, I block them at once....I block people who send pictures of their private parts, talk about sex or ask me to send them naked photos."

She's flattered by the fact that younger men find her attractive, but she still said it boggles her, too, explaining "I don't understand why young guys prefer women at my age, but it's nice to be adored by them. I will not date a thirty-year-old man."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@maggieinred

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