Heidi Grey is back and has a question for her fans: "1, 2 or 3?"

Internet - Here she is again – finally!

Heidi Grey (22) in one of her sexy new photos.
Heidi Grey (22) in one of her sexy new photos.  © Instagram/Screenshot/heidi.grey

Last week was anything but easy for fans of adult model Heidi Grey. For five endless days, her 2.8 million admirers waited for the 22-year-old to deliver new content to her Instagram account.

On Friday, the time finally came – the young blonde showed fans some mercy.

As a consolation for the past few days, she posted not just one, but three sexy snapshots of herself!

In the pics, Heidi once again showed a lot of sun-kissed skin and offered a particularly revealing glimpse of her cleavage. As the icing on the cake, she looked straight into the camera – with her most seductive facial expression.

In the caption, the young influencer had a question for her followers: "Which one are you making your screen saver? 1, 2 or 3?"

As expected, her fans went wild. No wonder, given such beauty!

It soon became clear: very few people wanted to settle for just one of the pictures. Many said they would make all three their new screen saver.

"1, 2 or 3?" Heidi's fans love them all!
"1, 2 or 3?" Heidi's fans love them all!  © Instagram/Screenshot/heidi.grey

In addition to the usual compliments, Heidi Grey received almost 30,000 likes within the first hour. The post now has over 75,000 likes!

It seems letting her fans wait a while was just the right idea...

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/heidi.grey

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