Neighbor recognizes OnlyFans model on street and begins making terrifying threats

Florida - More and more women report that they have become rich on OnlyFans. Camila Elle also claims to earn $150,000 on the portal together with her boyfriend – per month! But fame has its dark side: the adult model has reportedly already been threatened with rape and murder!

Camila Elle (21) on Teen TikTok Pictures.
Camila Elle (21) on Teen TikTok Pictures.  © TikTok/Screenshots/rawrcamilaa

Speaking to the Daily Star, the Florida resident said, "The worst thing that has ever happened to me was someone from my neighborhood recognized me. I posted a couple pictures outside and there was a street name in a picture. He began to send me threats daily."

Even when Elle ignored his repeated attempts under different accounts, he would send increasingly horrifying messages such as: "He would say 'I saw you walking your dog today on so and so street alone, I could've raped you today.'"

The 21-year-old also told the paper that she has also received death threats.

OnlyFans has made headlines lately due to the decision to ban sexually explicit content because of pressure from banking partners. After facing backlash from content creators who felt used and tossed to the wayside by the company, OnlyFans announced a reversal of the ban.

But Elle says that the death threats aren't the only downside to her career. "We were also denied from five rental properties," she said, explaining that the landlords were suspicious because the couple was making "too much money" for their age.

"Realtors didn't believe our money was legal no matter the proof we showed. Our bank closed our account for the same reason."

She's not leaving the platform anytime soon. She went from a broke pre-med student to now "having an international fanbase making over $1 million a year."

"Saying OnlyFans has changed my life would be a massive understatement," says the sexy influencer.

Cover photo: Bildmontage: TikTok/Screenshot/rawrcamilaa/Instagram/Screenshot/camilaelle2

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