Sexy sailing: Instagram model Elizabeth Oceans posts a hot seaside view

Florida - Ahoy matey! Instagram model Elizabeth Oceans took a pointer from her namesake and gave followers a steamy ocean view.

Instagram influencer Elizabeth Oceans (32) provided curvy views on the high seas.
Instagram influencer Elizabeth Oceans (32) provided curvy views on the high seas.  © Instagram/Screenshot/elizabethoceans

Model Elizabeth Oceans (32) seemed to take her Instagram handle literally in a new photo posted on Monday showing her sailing on the high seas.

The buxom blonde is dressed in a tiny black bikini top and barely-there bottom while lounging on the deck of a boat.

"Where to, Captain?!", Elizabeth captioned her playful seascape snap.

It has already gained 46,000 likes in its first 24 hours.

The extra curvy model, who has posed for Playboy and Vogue magazines, has 1.2 million followers who were blown away.

"Delicious view," wrote one user. "So sexy and beautiful," said another.

Shipshape commenters wanted to lift their anchors and climb aboard with the hottie.

"We'll find the treasures!" said one hopeful sailor. "[To] our own love island!" wrote another fan.

Busty beauty Elizabeth Oceans posts frequently on Instagram

Elizabeth Oceans, whose real name is Elizabeth Ostrander, started her Instagram account in June 2015. While she initially shared only picturesque vacation pics, she later focused on her full-figured chest and bootylicious assets.

She has also posted occasional photos with her husband, two daughters, and her dog from her home in Florida.

"I LOVE being a Mama," Oceans said. "Family is life."

She also releases her own music. According to her Instagram account, her newest recording will be out on April 2.

Lots of seamen just want to know where Oceans will be sailing to next!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/elizabethoceans

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