Too hot to handle! Netflix star Francesca Farago shows off her curves on Instagram

London, UK - Francesca "Frankie" Farago made a name for herself on the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle – and that's certainly a perfect description of her latest Instagram post!

Francesca Farago (27) barely covers her breasts with a small strip of fabric (collage).
Francesca Farago (27) barely covers her breasts with a small strip of fabric (collage).  © Montage: Screenshot/Instagram/francescafarago

The Canadian influencer barely covers her breasts with a small strip of fabric. The skimpy, black top covers Frankie's nipples, but that's about all.

Her more than 4.7 million subscribers seem to like it, and she has received almost 300,000 likes for the pictures.

Underneath the post, Frankie wrote: "Am I english yet?", a reference to the fact that she recently moved to London.

There, she is still in the required 10-day coronavirus quarantine, and she seems bored.

Frankie has moved in with her current girlfriend Demi Sims (24), who stars in the popular reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). The 27-year-old made no secret of her bisexual orientation.

The couple often share photos of themselves together. The two women sometimes seem like sisters since they look so similar on the outside.

Francesca Farago And Demi Sims Posing In Couple Photos

Francesca Farago is a Netflix star

Frankie Farago anyway took part in the first season of the Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle.

In the show, sexual acts are penalized. Kissing, masturbation, and sex result in the prize money being reduced. So what did Frankie do?

She just couldn't help herself. First she kissed a contestant and then another. She had sex and even gave a blowjob in front of the camera.

The 27-year-old received one penalty after another, but was finally able to make up for it.

Francesca Farago loves to show off on Instagram

No wonder Francesca became famous after the show. On Instagram,she shows time and again how much she likes to show some skin.

Too hot to handle? For those who want to see even more, Frankie has also created an OnlyFans account.

Cover photo: Montage: Screenshot/Instagram/francescafarago

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