Twin models break all the Instagram rules with sizzling photo shoot!

France - It's getting hot in here! On Tuesday night, the sexy twins who are known for their racy Instagram posts once again turned up the heat!

Mathilde Tantot (26) lies on her bed – stark naked!
Mathilde Tantot (26) lies on her bed – stark naked!  © Instagram/Screenshot/mathildtantot

Mathilde Tantot (26) shared two steamy photos of herself lying stark naked on a bed, giving her 9.4 million followers a glimpse of her bare bottom.

The response to the pictures was as expected: within the first two hours, she received more than 740,000 likes and her admirers filled the comment section with countless fire and heart emojis.

And for those more interested in the front than the back, Mathilde's sister Pauline was there to help out. She published her own sizzling hot photos only minutes after her twin.

In them, the other Tantot sister showed a lot of skin with a see-through top decorated with a delicate yellow bow.

The 26-year-old once again defied Instagram's algorithm and gave followers an almost perfect view of her breasts!

Pauline Tantot generates significantly fewer likes

Pauline Tantot (26) once again shows off more than Instagram usually allows.
Pauline Tantot (26) once again shows off more than Instagram usually allows.  © Instagram/Screenshot/popstantot

To boost clicks, likes and comments, the twins promoted each other's new posts in their Instagram-stories, referring to each other as "perfect".

Their fans were all over the moon and couldn't contain their excitement any longer.

"How is that allowed," one of them asked Pauline and another told Mathilde that she looked like a "pure angel".

Safe to say that every one of their followers is already looking forward to new, juicy content from the sisters!

And luckily for them, the two Tantots don't like to keep anyone waiting – or wondering!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/popstantot/Instagram/Screenshot/mathildtantot

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