Who is this curvy influencer taking Miami by storm?

Miami, Florida - Danielley Ayala is one of the top up-and-comers on Instagram her trademarks are her large cup size and a love for dogs.

The curvy beauty loves dogs and other animals.
The curvy beauty loves dogs and other animals.  © Screenshot Instagram @danielleyayalaa

The model's Instagram bio simply says: "I like dogs more than people." She also included a link to her fur baby's Instagram account.

Judging from the amount of photos that feature cameos by golden retrievers, there's no doubt about Danielley's statement.

But even though the dogs are adorable, they don't steal the show. Most of Danielley's followers are laser focused on the model's most curvaceous feature: her voluptuous breasts.

Her curves are all natural and the attractive influencer regularly shows off them off with a particularly low cut neckline or a bikini that barely covers anything.

Danielley Ayala knows how to keep all eyes focused on her

Danielley Ayala's sex appeal hasn't gone unnoticed and the hot influencer already has more than five million Instagram followers.

Back in 2019, she attracted a lot of attention by following through on a dare from one of her fans. They dared her to flash her "dangerous curves" alongside a highway in Malibu and the influencer did.

If Instagram fans want to see more of the sexy 26-year-old, they can also pay to see her on her OnlyFans channel.

Cover photo: Screenshot Instagram @danielleyayalaa

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