Can you guess if these pairs are dating or related?

Internet - You know how some couples start looking more and more alike as their relationship progresses? Well this Instagram account is the perfect proof for that!  

Are these people siblings or couples?
Are these people siblings or couples?  © Screenshot/Instagram/siblingsordating

The SiblingsOrDating challenge is equal parts hilarious and disturbing, as the pairs that are featured often make it impossible to guess right. 

According to the Daily Mail, the account site has been online since July and it already has more than 254,000 subscribers. Candidates who want to be included can send in their pictures via DM. An Instagram story with a poll is then created, offering two options: siblings or dating. 

Users can vote for their choice and the results are then published, along with the right answer. 

This is a much harder task than it sounds. Even in the cases where a majority of the voters – sometimes numbering in the thousands – guess correctly, the margins are extremely tight on average. And cases where users wrongly think that they're looking at relatives seem much more frequent.

To make sure it doesn't get boring, the page includes pairs of all ages.

Siblings or dating: can you tell?

Commenters regularly baffled by the number of couples with extremely similar features. Care to try your hand at this game? But beware, SiblingsOrDating can be extremely addictive!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/siblingsordating

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