Six pack at 67! Incredibly fit grandpa shares his secrets on Instagram

Kent, UK- Mike Millen is 67 years old – yes, you read that right! And if you just assumed that the Brit drags himself to the gym on a daily basis to keep his body this toned, think again!

Mike Millen (67) keeps fit in the great outdoors.
Mike Millen (67) keeps fit in the great outdoors.  ©

Mike Millen has a figure so trim it makes men less than half his age green with envy.

How does he manage to stay so fit and muscular at his distinguished age?

The certified personal trainer works out six times a week, but he doesn't pump iron cooped up in the gym.

No, his workouts are all natural! Running through forests and climbing over tree trunks does the trick for him. Millen told the Daily Mail that the great outdoors is "the best gym in the world." And it's apparently not only good for his body, but also for his mental health.

Millen, who also works as a model, is an avid swimmer, and he once even went splashing around in Iceland, in January, when the temperature was 10 degrees Fahrenheit on the beach and there were icebergs in the water. This guy is really tough!

67-year-old Mike Millen shares fitness tips on Instagram

It doesn't matter if there is rain or snow Mike is always ready to train outside.
It doesn't matter if there is rain or snow Mike is always ready to train outside.  ©

Mike says his joy motivates him.

For him, the most important thing is to just keep moving. Even a walk a day counts.

Mike's enthusiasm for sports began at an early age according to an interview with Caveman Training:

"I’ve always been involved in sport all my life, some of my first memories are of kicking a football around in the street. I always wanted to be a pro footballer... I made it to A-level, and always loved the training as well as playing."

He played soccer until he was 30 and then tried running marathons: "The marathons made me really fit but with little strength. So I gradually went away from the marathons. For some reason, I wasn’t into heavy lifting but loved the body weight training as it was so varied and could be done almost anywhere, including using what nature has to offer and I still to this day find being outside the best and most enjoyable way to train."

The 67-year-old clearly loves working out and has a tip for those who are thinking about getting fit: "There is a training program out there whatever your age or abilities are!"

If you need more inspiration, you can check out Mike Millen's Instagram page, where he regularly shares exercises and clips from his everyday life with his 14,000 followers.

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