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Do you need some weight loss tips?
Do you need some weight loss tips?  © 123RF / Kaspars Grinvalds

Are you concerned with how to lose weight and live a healthier and fitter life? For the latest Fitness and Weight Loss News, trends and tips stick to TAG24.

Do you feel that you're a little bit too over weight? Has a celebrity on TV lost weight? Does that cabbage soup diet really work? Hardly any topic occupies people as much as the topic of how to gain better fitness and lose weight.

People turn their lives upside down eating only soup for months, or fasting for weeks on end, all just to better their bodies and minds. Results range from glorious weight loss success stories to sad tales of dieting and weight loss attempts leading to nothing but worsened self-perception and eating disorders like anorexia. So what's the key?

Find out the latest in weight loss news and trends, how to stay fit, and what your favorite celebrities have been doing to stay on top of their bodies, right here at TAG24. We've got you covered on all things Fitness and Weight Loss.

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Whether low carb, paleo, or FDH, TAG24 has all the top stories about losing weight right here!