Man gets hilariously awkward note from neighbors complaining about noisy sex

Leeds, UK - What happens when nosy neighbors live next door to a noisy couple? In one Englishman's case, it leads to a painfully awkward note asking him to keep it quiet during sex.

The awkward letter was also polite.
The awkward letter was also polite.  © Twitter/Screenshot/zef2def

Zachary Paling from Leeds got a note from some concerned residents who lived next door. Apparenly, his loud bedroom fun had caused quite a commotion.

He shared the hilarious and embarrassing letter with the internet and it quickly went viral.

Days after it was posted, the sex note post had received over 22,000 likes on Twitter.

The letter reads, "Dear Both, could you please fix your bed? The walls are very thin in this building and we don't really want to know when you are having sex."

The anonymous writers continue, "The problem concerns few flats. [sic] Many thanks in advance! Your neighbours."

After sharing the message on his Twitter, the young Englishman accompanied it with, "I. Am. Mortified."

Twitter users poke fun at the neighbors' sex message

Zachary found the attention his tweet has received amusing, writing in a follow-up tweet, "Thank you for being so interested in my sex life lol."

He blamed the problem on his headboard smashing against the wall and being stuck inside during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, the letter was too good not to poke fun at. Some witty replies got in on the action.

"Well... on the plus side, I don't think there is anything else you can do now that could be more embarrassing," tweeted one user. "It must have been good sex though lol," quipped another.

Others laughed at the idea of the neighbors having a communal meeting over the sexy time problem and some suggested solutions.

"Just move at this point," one commenter suggested. Another joked: "I think this years Xmas gifts for them should be noise cancelling ear defenders."

Since the issue apparently extends to multiple apartments, that seems like a pretty big investment on Zachary's part.

Cover photo: Twitter/Screenshot/zef2def

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