Slam dunk! A third grade teacher sinks a bucket and students lose their minds

Washington DC – There's nothing that a bit of hope, minor basketball skills, and the promise of hot chocolate can't do for a third-grade teacher and her students.

Third grade teacher Ms. Fitz shocked her students when she made a hail mary bank shot that won the class hot chocolate.
Third grade teacher Ms. Fitz shocked her students when she made a hail mary bank shot that won the class hot chocolate.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/htsgeorgetown

There are few things that kids get quite as psyched about than when witnessing their teachers owning it on the basketball court, particularly when there's a prize on the line.

Such was the case for Ms. Fitz, a third grade teacher at Holy Trinity School in Washington DC, who made quite the pact with her students.

According to the caption of the video shared by the school on Instagram, Ms. Fitz promised her students she'd buy them hot chocolate if she made a hail mary shot on the basketball court.

After one of her students shoots a swift bounce pass her way, the kids start to chant while she gets a few practice dribbles in prior to quite literally shooting her shot.

As she releases the ball from her hands, the students' anticipation and excitement was palpable as they awaited their chocolate-y fate.

To their absolute delight and slight surprise, the teacher sunk the shot, nothing but net style, and an eruption of screams broke out as Ms. Fitz jumped for joy with her students hyping her up.

The video now has over 78,000 views.

Since posting the clip on Monday, Holy Trinity School has updated the caption of the video, thanking those for showing Ms. Fitz and the school love and support.

"We are overwhelmed by the messages and comments we have received and feel blessed that Ms. Fitz gave us permission to share this video, which has brought a smile to so many people all over the world," the caption read.

The school also noted that they "gratefully" accept donations of any amount, which they said will all be used for financial aid and scholarships.

Here's to all the teachers out there doing the little things that make a big difference in their students' lives, just like Ms. Fitz!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/htsgeorgetown

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