TikTok users are now calculating their partners' worth in camels

Internet - The latest TikTok trend is called the #camelcalculator. It lets you calculate how many camels your partner is worth. The trend might be new but the calculator isn't

Lots of TikTok users are currently calculating their worth in camels.
Lots of TikTok users are currently calculating their worth in camels.  © tiktok.com/@smallex4ft11

"Your girlfriend is worth 56 camels." This the kind of absurd calculations that many TiktTok users are currently being confronted with when they hope on the Camel Challenge bandwagon.

Thanks to the website called kamelrechner.eu, you can figure out how many desert animals your partner is worth. 

All you need to do is share some details about your lover, like how tall they are and the color of their eyes and hair.

While body type must be specified for both male and female partners, a man's facial hair and a woman's breasts will also influence the final "price". The equation seems pretty simple: the bigger the height, beard, and/or bosom is, the higher the score. 

That hasn't stopped TikTok users from turning the camel calculator into a hashtag and comparing results in their droves.

TikTok re-discovers the camel calculator

The numbers seem to range of between 12 and 110 camels, with most users falling somewhere within the average range. This seems to offend some of them more than having their worth expressed in livestock.

According to The Sun, the sudden influx of visitors to the camel calculator site actually led to it crashing.

It's all a very sudden reversal in fortunes for the creators, who came up with the idea years ago but are only now reaping the viral rewards.

Cover photo: tiktok.com/@smallex4ft11

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