Awesome "Gangster granny" TikToker breaks stereotypes with fashion reveals

You're only as old as you feel – and this grandma is feeling really cool! Taking the internet by storm, this "Gangster grandma" certainly knows how to rock a pair of Jordans.

This "Gangster granny" shows that there is no age to limit to rocking Nike's.
This "Gangster granny" shows that there is no age to limit to rocking Nike's.  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@grandmaann2

One elderly "Gangster granny" is taking over TikTok, one pair of Nike's and Air Jordans at a time.

The senior, who refers to her 1.6 million followers as her "grandchildren," has been posting shoe reveals on TikTok, shocking viewers when they realize that an 80-year-old woman is rocking each pair.

Using her wildly successful TikTok account, where she goes by @grandmaann2, the "Gangster granny" has been busy breaking stereotypes and ageist norms. She's pretty good at it, too.

"Gangster granny" stuns TikTok with Nike's and Jordans

One of her most recent videos starts off with a visual of yellow-orange Nike's and on-screen text that reads "When people see my shoes before my face."

When the camera pans up, viewers see it's actually an elderly lady who's the unassuming owner of the on-trend Nike high tops.

One TikTok user commented on the video with a thought many people probably shared, saying, "most dripped up grandma on TikTok."

Another had a similar remark, commenting, "granny too drippy the floors need mopping."

There's more to the "Gangster grandma" than a few pairs of shoes

While the "Gangster grandma" likes to stay young by showing off her shoe collection and partaking in viral TikTok trends, she's also willing to share more personal and emotional content as well.

Some of her most watched videos are those that involve her late husband. Whether she's grieving her loss, reflecting on her last moments with him, or asking TikTok's magic eight-ball filter questions about whether he's waiting on the other side, they're sure to hit viewers right in the heart.

On a platform that's been recently known for age-shaming, this grandma is showing everyone that age is irrelevant when it comes to doing things that make you happy.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@grandmaann2

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