"Shower onions" are taking over TikTok – and they're not as crazy as they sound!

Santa Cruz, California – When you think of onions, the first thing you associate with them is probably not their pleasant smell. However, a TikToker is now shining light on their benefits for deodorization – and the trend is catching on.

Karalynn Dunton has a thing for shower onions, and its use is actually genius.
Karalynn Dunton has a thing for shower onions, and its use is actually genius.  © Screenshot/TikTok/Karalynn Dunton

After sharing an update of her love interest's impeccably clean bathroom with a shoutout to his "shower onions", TikToker Karalynn Dunton was understandably bombarded with questions.

According to Dunton and other avid believers, keeping a bowlful of unpeeled onions in your bathroom or shower can mask any lingering unwanted smells in the room.

Though onions are often thought of as excruciatingly pungent, if you place them unpeeled in or by your shower, the peels absorb the moisture and bad odors, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and oh so clean.

Now, Dunton has been given the nickname "the queen of shower onions" for her utter obsession with the life hack, with TikTokers bringing the trend into their communal dorm bathrooms, while others are dedicating their arrangements of shower onions to Dunton.

Although Dunton didn't come up with the ingenious idea of the shower onion, the trend is clearly catching on by way of TikTok, with the tag #showeronion already bringing in 14.8 million views.

Cover photo: Screenshot/TikTok/Karalynn Dunton

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