The TikTok Queen of Clean helps out an elderly couple and completely transforms their home!

Internet - She's the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cleaning" and she can definitely up her title with a viral TikTok video that shows the extent of her superpower!

Auri loves what many hate: intense cleaning.
Auri loves what many hate: intense cleaning.  © TikTok/Screenshots/aurikatariina

Aurikatariina, or Auri for short, is a cleaning aficionado, who is very active on social media and regularly shares her very dramatic adventures in deep cleaning. She recently shared a touching story of an elderly couple she was able to help, and it turned into her most viral video to date.

According to Auri, the two senior citizens were no longer able to keep their apartment clean, and by the time Auri stepped in, they had a huge mess on their hands.

The couple's fridge in particular could be triggering to neat freaks. But nothing seems too gross for Auri, who somehow made the years of hardened, layered grime disappear in a flash.

In her video, the self-proclaimed cleaning queen in pink rubber gloves documents how she spruced up the apartment.

First, Auri worked on the fridge until it was recognizable again. She then tackled the range hood and the stove until both were gleaming.

Gross! Left: the fridge before it got the Auri treatment. Right: the fridge has been brought back to life!
Gross! Left: the fridge before it got the Auri treatment. Right: the fridge has been brought back to life!  © TikTok/Screenshots/aurikatariina

The couple were overwhelmed by the transformation

In the end, the seniors' room shone again.
In the end, the seniors' room shone again.  © TikTok/Screenshots/aurikatariina

Auri obviously felt sorry for the two seniors.

"They were over 80 years old but no one helped them. This was hands down the most gratifying cleaning day ever!" she wrote.

In the end, the Queen of Cleaning was not only pleased with her work, but also with the amount of attention her video had received on TikTok: an incredible 14.6 million users have watched it so far!

No wonder she uploaded a part two a few days later.

But Auri's hard work didn't just pay off in the millions of views and likes – the couple was also ecstatic at the end of the day.

"My heart melted when this lovely lady was crying with happiness," the TikToker proudly shared in her video.

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshots/aurikatariina

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