TikTok has a hilarious new voice filter and it's going viral!

Culver City, California - A new voice filter on TikTok has sparked a slew of hilarious viral videos that put the bizarre feature to perfect use!

TikTok creators are having a blast testing the platform's latest feature.
TikTok creators are having a blast testing the platform's latest feature.  © collage: unsplash/@maygauthier, screenshot/TikTok/@joechristianguy

The filter alters voices to make them sound like an automated text-to-speech voice in real-time.

Naturally, TikTok users had a field day applying the filter in the funniest ways possible.

Many just used the filter to reenact scenes from different movies and TV shows.

One creator went for the iconic fight scene from A Marriage Story, which is already one of TikTok's favorite meme materials.

The filter is unsettlingly accurate, and it's somehow able to capture the emotional inflections and accents in the actor's voices.

But it doesn't end there – the filter is also able to sing (albeit, not very well). While some creators used it on hit songs like Ariana Grande's God is a Woman, others had a bit more fun with it, with one applying it to Fergie's infamously terrible rendition of the National Anthem.

While we don't know exactly what TikTok expected users to do with the filter, it probably didn't see these videos coming.

Cover photo: collage: unsplash/@maygauthier, screenshot/TikTok/@joechristianguy

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