TikToker's prank goes viral after covering his parents' kitchen in peanut butter

A TikTok user pulled a "nutty" prank on his parents, and the video has gone viral with millions of views.

A TikTok user filmed himself covering his parents' entire kitchen in peanut butter.
A TikTok user filmed himself covering his parents' entire kitchen in peanut butter.  © Collage: Screenshots / TikTok / @corbinnmillet

Corbin Millet made quite a name for himself on TikTok by sharing clips of him pulling wild pranks on his unsuspecting parents.

His latest stunt is like something out of an episode of Viva La Bam as he decided to cover their entire kitchen in peanut butter.

In the video, which has garnered over 38 million views and close to five million likes, the prankster shows a before clip of the perfectly normal kitchen. He then cuts to the same setting clearly covered in thick layers of peanut butter.

Millet told the New York Post that it took him over seven hours to pull it off, using around 28 pounds of peanut butter.

To say his parents weren't happy with the prank would be an understatement. In a follow-up clip, Corbin is seen preparing for hell as his dad heads to the kitchen.

"Corbin! You sick f**k!" his father angrily screams. "We're going to get ants, you d**k head!"

The prankster said he's since been kicked out of his home for his daily pranks, but his parents have become better sports about it as his popularity on the platform continues to skyrocket.

Corbin's TikTok is full of even more bizarre pranks, including "replacing my parents' ice tea with hot dog water," and "covering my parents living room in tin foil."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots / TikTok / @corbinnmillet

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