TikTok adds new Showtimes feature to promote movie sales

Culver City, California - At its annual product summit, TikTok unveiled a new feature that will help bridge the gap between film talk on TikTok and ticket sales.

TikTok unveiled the new feature at its annual product summit.
TikTok unveiled the new feature at its annual product summit.  © Unsplash/@solenfeyissa

The new feature is called Showtimes and is targeted at movie studios.

With Showtimes, studios will be able to share a full film trailer, which will then be followed by information about show times at local theaters.

The feature hopes to strengthen the link between movie discussions on TikTok and actual ticket sales.

The platform's influence on the pop culture market can't be denied at this point. From propelling authors to the top of the bestsellers list to spurring the resurgence of older songs in the current zeitgeist, conversations held on the platform have a very real effect.

With film discourse becoming an increasingly popular content niche, it comes as no surprise that movie studios want to take advantage of the opportunity.

TikTok has already delved into the world of movie marketing

TikTok is helping to promote movie ticket sales.
TikTok is helping to promote movie ticket sales.  © Unsplash/@simonbhray

Per Deadline, TikTok estimates that 52% of users find new films, television shows, or actors through the app. One in four users who view advertisements for films went from the app to buy a ticket.

Smelling an opportunity, Sony incorporated TikTok into its marketing plan for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was released last December.

The plan included the creation of a TikTok account for the Daily Bugle, the fictional newspaper from the Spider-Man comics, and a scene in the film that saw a character watch a video of Spider-Man on TikTok.

Most recently, TikTok helped promote Don't Worry Darling with coverage of the red-carpet premiere in New York City.

Cover photo: Unsplash/@solenfeyissa

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