Too hot to handle: Woman calls police because her neighbor is too sexy

Los Angeles, California - This woman is so hot, her neighbor thinks it's against the law!

Rovi Wade doesn't let anyone tell her how to dress.
Rovi Wade doesn't let anyone tell her how to dress.  ©

In one of her videos, TikTok user Rovi Wade shared a shocking conversation she recently had with a police officer.

Only minutes before, she was dancing on a street, minding her business and just being herself, when all of a sudden, her neighbor felt the need to call 911.

In her opinion, Rovi was dressed way too inappropriate.

The young woman was left speechless.

In the clip that now ahs more than 11.9 million viwws, she defends herself in front of the authorities: "I am fully dressed. She just doesn't like my style."

"I'm allowed to exist and be hot – and I am gonna continue to do so. I don't know what she expects you to do," she tells the officer who repeatedly agrees with her. Obviously, she wasn't arrested.

Now there's only one question left: what in the world was she wearing to make her neighbor so upset?

In a second video, she showed off her "inappropriate" outfit, consisting of a silver crop top, skimpy hot pants, a choker, and boots with leather straps.

"I am allowed to exist and be hot!"

Other TikTok users are confused as to what the neighbor's problem was.

"I genuinely wanna know what she thought the cops were gonna do" one user laughed. "Her husband was probably checking you out, and she got mad", another assumed.

"I see why she would call the cops," a third one said, before adding, "It's illegal to look this good!"

In the meantime, the young woman has now posted another TikTok video in which she dances around the street in her "inappropriate" clothes.

Who knows what her neighbor is up to next?

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