Walmart accused of racism after TikToker makes suspicious discovery in makeup aisle

Kentucky - A TikTok user recently went viral after exposing her local Walmart as possibly being racist.

Alyson was left speechless as she walked down the makeup aisle.
Alyson was left speechless as she walked down the makeup aisle.  © Montage: Twitter/Screenshot/@davenewworld_2

While alynicoletta has since deleted her clip, she still sparked a heated discussion about whether she had a point or not.

In the clip, which has been reposted on Twitter, the young woman is seen casually walking down the aisles at Walmart as she notices something strange.

In the makeup section, she suddenly stops as she takes a closer look at the concealers casually hanging on the wall, shimmering in the lightest shades of beige.

But wait a second – something's not right here.

As she continues walking the shades are getting darker and there's one detail, Alyson just cannot unsee.

"So, Walmart, tell me that you are racist without actually saying that you're racist," she says, shaking her head.

All the darker shades have security tags on them – while the lighter ones don't.

Users on Twitter are divided

Since users are now unable to comment under Alyson's original video, they moved to davenewworld_2's account, which reposted the clip in a tweet that says, "Racist Walmart in Kentucky puts security tags on just the darker shades of makeup".

Opinions were clearly divided. While many users thought Walmart's anti-theft policy was plain bias, others were shocked by the accusation.

"Does that make it racist or did they just identify the product that is ACTUALLY most frequently stolen and tag it", one user asked furiously.

Others shot back with a counterattack: anyone who doesn't see the problem here is part of the problem!

"They don't even try to cover it anymore," a disappointed user wrote, "it's straight up right in the open."

"This happens so damn much, and there's always an excuse. It's so f****** vile," another said.

"Racism exists in our everyday lives. It always has. I'm just glad that white folks are finally noticing the little s*** that we've been dealing with for, well pretty much, ever."

Cover photo: Montage: Twitter/Screenshot/@davenewworld_2

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