Woman is too loud during sex and gets ballsy complaint letter

Internet - How do you make friends in the neighborhood? It's probably easiest if you don't make too much noise. If you get too loud, you may have to contend with a not-so-subtle hint from the neighbors.

This embarrassing note was taped to the front door (collage).
This embarrassing note was taped to the front door (collage).  © Collage: Reddit/Screenshot/Gyrotopia & 123rf/Iriana Shiyan

Such a hint may be friendly or not so friendly, depending on the person's mood.

A friend of Reddit user Gyrotopia received such a notice in the form of a small letter stuck to their door a few days ago – and it had rather an unpleasant aftertaste.

Gyrotopia shared the note on his account with the title, "This note that someone taped to my friend’s front door." He posted a picture of the letter below.

The pic probably made the whole internet cringe.

"Dear Neighbor," it reads in neat letters, "We Hear Everything! You know what I'm referring to... Please be considerate."

Then the message takes a surprising turn: "Maybe try a Ball Gag?"

The note ends with a friendly "Happy Holidays," most likely leaving the recipient speechless.

The Reddit community enjoys the note

The Reddit community couldn't help but laugh at the unusual letter.

One person joked, "Little did they know that your friend was just enthusiastically eating a bowl of spaghetti." A second added, "Congrats on the sex."

Many were also puzzled as to why the note had even attempted to be "subtle" when it ended with a comment about a ball gag.

Unfortunately, Gyrotopia doesn't reveal whether the passive-aggressive note had any effect on the recipient's behavior, but many Reddit users agree that getting such a letter must have been embarrassing: "Like part of me absolutely loves this, but part of me is like, oh god, we're sleeping in the living room from now on."

Cover photo: Montage: Reddit/Screenshot/Gyrotopia & 123rf/Iriana Shiyan

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