Woman tips restaurant 3000%: "I want to give back"

Miami, Florida - A 3000% tip? The staff of one Miami restaurant got an incredible New Year's gift from a customer.

The restaurant employees couldn't believe it when they saw the $2021 tip.
The restaurant employees couldn't believe it when they saw the $2021 tip.  ©

The employees of the juice bar Miami Squeeze were given a huge surprise right at the start of the new year!

One of their regular customers paid a tip of 2814% for her $71.84 meal on January 1.

And, fittingly for the new year, that was a whopping $2021, bringing the total bill to a whopping $2092.84.

Kelly Amar, whose family has been running the restaurant for a year and a half, told CNN about the amazing incident, saying that she and her colleagues couldn't believe it at first.

They thought that the customer might have made a mistake and only wanted to pay an extra $20.21, so they asked her if she was sure about the tip.

But according to Amar, the lady simply smiled and said: "Yes, of course, I'm so grateful for you guys and I want to give back ... I want to start the new year out right and give this to you guys!"

Restaurant expresses gratitude on Instagram

Miami Squeeze shared a photo of the receipt with the generous tip on their Instagram, expressing their gratitude:

"Last year was a tough year ... We are so blessed to have guest like these, who go above and beyond to support our small local business. This means so much to us and we couldn’t say thank you enough."

The $2021 will now be divided among the restaurant's 25 employees as a New Year's gift.

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