Man who sued Drake over nightclub beatdown injuries goes on Love Island

Los Angeles, California - In 2018, Bennett Sipes was savagely beaten by members of Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.'s entourage, leading him to file a lawsuit over the incident. Now, Drake's lawyers and Sommer Ray are pointing out inconsistencies in Sipes' claims.

Drake (33) shows off his Billboard Music Awards trophies.
Drake (33) shows off his Billboard Music Awards trophies.  © Imago/UPI Photo

Security camera footage published by TMZ captured the beatdown, with Drake, OBJ, and Kim Kardashian's ex Younes Bendjima visible in the background.

Sipes sued all three celebrities, alleging that he suffered severe physical and psychological injuries as a result of the fight. The 26-year-old said he was "depressed" and asked for $250,000 in damages.

But Drake's lawyers are now drawing attention to a few holes in Sipes' logic, as is his ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray.

Bennett Sipes "not too depressed" for Love Island according to Drake's lawyers and Sommer Ray

Bennett Sipes (26) recently appeared on the Love Island.
Bennett Sipes (26) recently appeared on the Love Island.  © Screenshot/Instagram/bennett.sipes/CBS Love Island PR

According to TMZ, Drake's legal team provided more evidence meant to attack Sipe's credibility. The evidence centers around his appearance on season two of the reality TV show Love Island and their argument that this probably wasn't the best look for a man claiming to be suffering serious after-effects.

The documents reportedly include proof that Bennett Sipes has been travelling, attending music festivals, and even performing "backflips off rope swings".

Meanwhile, Sipes' ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray Beaty is also disputing allegations that he was ever badly injured. She said that he had no problems carrying her camera equipment after being beaten up.

Together, they travelled all over the US and Europe, and even went to Coachella and Stagecoach.

Surveillance video shows the beating of Bennett Sipes by Drake's entourage

On top of all that, Sipes allegedly deleted some of the text messages exchanged with Sommer Ray, making for a bad look during an ongoing legal dispute.

Drake's lawyers are now filing for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

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