Teacher arrested for committing sex act with student while his mother was sleeping next to them

Daytona Beach, Florida -  A former teacher at a Christian school was arrested on Friday after she admitted to having a crush and committing a sexual act with one of her underaged ex-students. 

Kristen O'Brien is out of jail on $50,000 bail.
Kristen O'Brien is out of jail on $50,000 bail.  © Daytona Beach Police

Kristen O’Brien, 31, a former teacher at United Brethren Christ Academy in Holly Hill, Florida, was charged with lewd and lascivious battery and committing a sexual act on a child older than 12 and younger than 16, according to the Daytona Beach Police Department.

The victim's mother was going through her son's phone, after confiscating it as punishment for him running away, when she spotted suspicious Instagram messages from O'Brien, the Daytona Beach News Journal reported.

According to the police report, the mother first asked the former teacher to meet her in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant, where O’Brien admitted that she had developed a "crush" on him.

She had allegedly offered him three options: they could pretend that she never said anything at all, they could stop talking to each other, or they could simply do what they want and not worry about the consequences. 

But O'Brien reportedly became pushy and tried to befriend the victim's family to get closer to him. She even tutored his brother in an effort to make her former student jealous. Every couple of days, she would drop by the house and spend time with him and his mother. 

Teacher had sexual contact with teen at his home while his mother was asleep

At the parking lot meeting, the ex-teacher also confessed that, on September 6, the boy had touched her "in a sexual manner" on the couch while his mother was asleep next to them. O'Brien only left the house at 5 AM that morning.

The mother reported O'Brien to the police, accusing her of sexual abuse, and the accused was taken into custody on October 16.

O'Brien quit her job in September shortly after her former student's mother found out about the incident. 

She is currently out of jail on $50,000 bail and her court date is scheduled for November, according to records.

Cover photo: Daytona Beach Police

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