"Cyclops" Instagramer shows off shocking eye piercing: "Stay Weird"

Minnesota - If you want to impress with an unusual piercing these days, you may have to make the seemingly impossible, possible. That's exactly what Bree from Minnesota managed to do when she showed off her shocking eye piercing. But how is it even possible?

Bree has her left eye pierced. But how is this even possible?
Bree has her left eye pierced. But how is this even possible?  © Screenshot/Instagram/apocalypticautopsy

Bree's 8,700 Instagram followers have known for some time that there is something unique behind her piercing.

The stark truth? She no longer has a left eye.

As the 28-year-old explains in a video: "When I was pregnant with my second child in 2020, I had no pain, I had no vision problems."

But when she went to her local ophthalmologist for a checkup, he discovered an enlarged blood vessel on the side of her left eye.

After some tests, she was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer. After radiation and attempts to save her eye failed, doctors had to remove it, Bree said.

Since then, the mother has regularly experimented with different prosthetic eyes and a plethora of colors, playfully deeming herself a "cyclops."

And since she's a big piercing fan, it made sense to try a piercing in this unusual place as well.

Is it possible to pierce your eye?

Bree showed off her "eye piercing" in a viral Instagram video.
Bree showed off her "eye piercing" in a viral Instagram video.  © Screenshot/Instagram/apocalypticautopsy

Bree flaunted the piercing on Insta, which has made the rounds among body modification enthusiastis.

"It's a prosthetic eye, made by Christina Oculara, the most incredible ocularist. I can't feel it when I blink, and no, I can't see out of it," Bree revealed in a viral Instagram video, which now has more than 5 million views.

It's clear not every user has taken the time to read the caption, as the comments reveal shock and awe at the piercing.

Whether "real" or not, Bree has attracted lots of attention with her eye piercing.

As her bio says, "Stay Weird."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/apocalypticautopsy

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