Expensive perfumes that are worth the spend

Expensive perfume is a luscious luxury, and some can cost a pretty penny. We've picked the best bang for your buck to have you feeling - and smelling - like a million bucks.

Expensive perfumes often shine with exclusive bottles and rare ingredients.
Expensive perfumes often shine with exclusive bottles and rare ingredients.  © 123RF / dikaya37

AD - If you want to treat yourself to a top-of-the-line fragrance, there are many to choose from.

Yet when splurging for a pricey perfume, you want to be sure you're getting the best of the best.

These exclusive fragrances are truly specialities, and worth breaking the bank for.

Here are some of our favorite indulgences, which make shelling out to smell great worth the spend.

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Expensive fragrances for men

Since most expensive perfumes and colognes tend to come from the world of niche fragrances, the majority of these types of fragrances are unisex. Yet, these delicious picks ahead have more masculine notes, and will work as a gift for yourself or your favorite guy.

Note: Prices may vary.

Alexandria II by Xerjoff

Alexandria II is part of the Oud Stars collection by Xerjoff.
Alexandria II is part of the Oud Stars collection by Xerjoff.  © Flaconi.de

Described as "bright, fresh and dreamy like dance of moon over lake ripples," you can expect a spicy fragrance with superb longevity with Alexandria II by Xerjoff.

Lavender and rosewood meet cinnamon and the woody notes of oud. According to founder Sergio Momo, the oud used is aged for five years before processing.

Price: $550 / 3.38 ounces

Check out Alexandria II by Xerjoff

Nefs by Nishane

Oud and rose also play a significant role in Nefs by Nishane. Paired with notes such as honey, violet, and fig, the result is a seductive, sensual, and complex fragrance that continues to develop throughout its wearing time.

Apart from its contents, the bottle is also an absolute eye-catcher.

Price: $275 / 1.7 ounces

Check out Nefs by Nishane

Reflection Man by Amouage

In addition to Reflection Man, there is also the more concentrated version Reflection 45, which is even more pricey.
In addition to Reflection Man, there is also the more concentrated version Reflection 45, which is even more pricey.  © Flaconi.de

Reflection Man by Amouage stands for floral-sweet elegance: neroli, jasmine, iris, and ylang-ylang merge with bitter orange leaves and woody notes to create a floral yet masculine fragrance.

It's long-lasting scent will have you reflecting on a well-made purchase.

Price: $347.48 / 3.4 ounces

Check out Reflection Man by Amouage

Expensive perfumes for women

Tailored more towards women, there are also a number of feminine fragrances that are worth the spend.

Here are our picks for pricey perfumes that you'll love for a long time.

Sunshine Woman by Amouage

Sunshine Woman is an expensive perfume from Amouage.
Sunshine Woman is an expensive perfume from Amouage.  © Flaconi.de

Amouage is also recommended as a special luxury brand for women, with Sunshine Woman standing out.

Perfect for fire signs and sunny feels, it's described as "a magical moment of joy like a ray of sunshine smiling upon a bouquet of white florals."

It's mustard yellow bottle contains notes of black currant liqueur, almond, osmanthus, vanilla, magnolia, and light tobacco.

The ingredients harmonize to create a fragrance for the sunshine-filled, self-confident woman.

Price: $340 /100 ml

Check out Sunshine Woman by Amouage

Les Royales Exclusives Sublime Vanille by Creed

Creed has been a family business for 250 years.
Creed has been a family business for 250 years.  © Flaconi.de

The house Creed signals expensive, luxurious perfumes, especially with its Les Royales Exclusives collection. Sublime Vanille is its standout, and its name reveals its divine nature.

Light, gentle vanilla is caressed by musk and lemon, and the scent has been "compared to a burst of English mist," according its description.

Despite the warm vanilla notes, the fragrance can also be worn well in summer due to its lightness.

Price: $1,125 / 8.5 ounces

Check out Sublime Vanille by Creed

Adhil by Tiziana Terenzi

For fans of the popular fragrance Hypnotic Poison by Dior, Tiziana Terenzi has a luxurious version called Adhil, the second fragrance of the brand's Assoluto collection.

With notes of jasmine, amber, heliotrope, aymris, and vanilla at the forefront, it's not to be missed.

Plus, its intricate golden bottle will make you feel like you're spritzing on pure gold.

Price: $995 / 3.38 ounces

Check out Adhil by Tiziana Terenzi

What is the most expensive fragrance in the world?

The most expensive perfume in the world has been listed in the Guinness World Records since 2006, and comes from Clive Christian.

A limited edition of ten copies of Clive Christian's No. 1 Collection for him and her was created in 2005 under the name "No.1 Imperial Majesty."

It is not so much the contents that make the fragrance so expensive, but rather its packaging: the bottle is adorned with an 18-carat gold rim and a five-carat diamond.

Proud owners can expect to pay around $217,000 for the rare gem.

The sky is the limit with pricey perfumes

As you can see, there is almost no price limit for fancy perfumes. And most luxurious scent lovers agree that the splurge is worth it.

So spritz your way to spending and smelling great, and feeling great too.

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