Woman dumped by boyfriend gets ultimate revenge with amazing transformation

Los Angeles, California - When Josie's boyfriend of three years left her, it flipped a switch in her brain and empowered her to become the hot girl he could never have.

Instead of sulking after a break-up, Josie hit the gym to get the body of her dreams.
Instead of sulking after a break-up, Josie hit the gym to get the body of her dreams.  © screenshot/instagram/josievr

At 300 pounds, Josie found herself alone and severely overweight, fueling her to embark on a fitness journey to become her best self. She put in the work, changed her eating habits, and dropped 140 pounds.

When she was at her heaviest, Josie ate whatever and whenever she wanted, without ever thinking twice.

In an interview with truly, Josie talked about how she was always the fat friend in high school, saying "I was never asked out to a school dance – I didn't exist." But then came the turning point: "Everything changed after my breakup."

When she stepped into the gym for the first time, Josie was lost, overwhelmed, and scared. She was in uncharted territories, but the fire that the breakup lit up kept her going.

Putting in the work for a body transformation

What started as a journey for her revenge body to spite her ex became a transformation that was more than just physical. Not only did she look the best she ever had, her attitude and self-confidence was at an all-time high.

Now weighing 160 lbs and leading a healthy lifestyle, Josie feels good in her own skin. She can flaunt her body in the clothes she's always wanted to wear but couldn't due to her weight.

The resounding message Josie wants to spread on her Instagram is that no matter how you look, no matter how long your journey still is, you're beautiful because you're the only you there is.

Cover photo: screenshot/instagram/josievr

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