Busta Rhymes is still alive only because his son noticed something strange

Brooklyn, New York - Iconic rapper Busta Rhymes has gotten into killer shape and better health over the last two years, but he says his motivation isn't just to look good. Instead, Busta Rhymes' death would have been guaranteed if it wasn't for his son.

At his heaviest, Busta Rhymes weighed 340 lbs. This could have led to his death.
At his heaviest, Busta Rhymes weighed 340 lbs. This could have led to his death.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/Bustarhymes

Busta Rhymes is looking better than ever, and can thank his son for pushing him in the healthy direction that quite possibly saved his life.

Now, he's committed to a healthy lifestyle for the sake of staying alive to provide for his family.

The Brooklyn native told People Magazine that he fell into a downward spiral and lost all desire to eat right and train hard after the death of his close friend and manager in 2012, then his father in 2014.

For five years, Rhymes didn't care about diet or exercise routine, weighing in at 340 lbs. In 2019, his son noticed something was off after hearing his dad gasping for air while he was asleep.

If his son hadn't noticed this strange phenomenon, Busta Rhyme's death would have been almost certain.

Although the rapper had sleep apnea, his son pleaded for Rhymes to go to a doctor to get things checked out. That push saved his life.

Busta Rhymes is still alive because of his son's observation

At his appointment with a throat doctor, they found polyps in Rhymes' throat that were blocking 90% of his air flow.

Because of this, Rhymes said, "the doctor told me that if I caught a cold or slept wrong that I could die".

From that day forward, he shifted gears and started an intensive, 30-day workout program that saw him train 2–3 times per day.

He now works out five times a week, and sticks to a clean diet, to ensure that his health remains top-notch.

Busta Rhymes didn't die, and has a strong future ahead

Busta Rhymes released a new album in October 2020 called "Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God".

Though he prefers to look trim whenever he releases new music, it's about more than that this time around.

He told People Magazine "I was raised to protect and provide for my family and my people. I don't know how to be any other way. I have to contribute in any way I can, even if that means engaging in physicality to ensure survival."

The muscular music mogul has no intentions of slowing down, and if he keeps his fitness routine up, there's nothing to hold him back. It's a good thing that Busta Rhymes' son noticed what he did, otherwise we would be without this legend of an artist.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/Bustarhymes

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