Husband of the year: Man goes viral for graciously letting wife do his nails

Houston, Texas – When you're striving to be the best at your craft, it never hurts to have a helping hand.

Naomi Marie (c.) decked out her husband's nails while practicing her craft as an aspiring nail artist.
Naomi Marie (c.) decked out her husband's nails while practicing her craft as an aspiring nail artist.  © Collage: screenshot / Instagram / itsnaomimarie

One woman's husband has garnered the attention and praise of many across the internet after his wife posted photos of him getting quite the manicure.

Like many at one point during the Covid-19 pandemic, Naomi Marie found a hobby in the form of nail art to remedy her boredom.

But it's not so much her artistry and skills that are making waves, but rather her choice of test bunny to try out different styles and techniques.

Rather than ushering through friends to practice her nail skills on, Naomi turned to the one person she knew she could count on for anything – her husband.

The aspiring nail artist posted photos of the moment on Instagram and Twitter with the caption, "It's the support for me. He knows I don’t have many people to practice on, so he let me practice on him."

Many of Naomi's 39,700 followers showed their admiration for her husband's top-notch support, commenting things like, "Now this. This is love!" and "He’s a real one girl stick beside 'em."

But the adoration and offerings of love and respect didn't stop there. Several users offered up their own set of hands for Naomi to practice on while complimenting her very obvious skills.

One user wrote, "I love it!!! & you can practice on me," while another sarcastically said, "If you want me to come to Houston, just say that."

At the time Naomi shared the photos on July 21, she and her significant other were merely boyfriend-girlfriend. Over the last two weeks, they got engaged, followed by a courthouse wedding shortly after.

If you're still holding out for a ring from your significant other, perhaps doing their nails puts you on a fast track to the diamond of your dreams.

Cover photo: Collage: screenshot / Instagram / itsnaomimarie

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