Man fears the bedroom because of his girlfriend's odd fetish

Internet - When it comes to love and intimacy, people have different tastes, and that's okay. It's only a problem when your particular fancy really turns your partner off.

He's so not into her particular fetish (stock image).
He's so not into her particular fetish (stock image).  © 123rf/Noppon Kobpimai

This is exactly what happened to a Reddit user named bobi_jon. He said his girlfriend is the love of his life and the "perfect person."

But there's one thing that gives him a headache: she regularly wants to re-enact scenes from the animated series Spongebob Squarepants with him in bed.

The two have been together for two years, and things are going well for both in life and in the bedroom. But his love's latest bedroom request has really turned him off.

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"We've always been an adventurous couple," he wrote."She said it's related to role-play and I thought 'no biggie we've done role-play before.'"

But his girlfriend wants him to pretend to be a cartoon character: either Spongebob or Squidward.

Reddit users urge him to talk to his girlfriend

He wrote on the forum: "Obviously I winced and was not too keen on this, and I think she could see that, but I didn't want to make her feel bad so I covered it up and decided to act like it was a great idea." He went on to say that now, every time before she orgasms, she laughs like Mr. Krabs. Her boyfriend doesn't like it: "it turns me off so much I instantly go flaccid. I've had to resort to faking orgasms so she doesn't suspect anything."

This new game doesn't just turn him off. It has also made him afraid of the bedroom.

One Reddit user suggested the desperate man talk to his girlfriend and see if he can find out what she finds so attractive about the cartoon series and its characters. Another suggested a compromise: "Maybe you can just offer to have Spongebob sex once a week?"

One thing users agreed on was that he should stop lying to his girlfriend and tell her the truth.

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