Message in the window: is this the beginning of a lockdown love story?

Internet - This TikToker had an ingenious way of getting her crush's attention during lockdown – but her crush's response was both sweet and heartbreaking.

This TikTok user wanted to know if her neighbor was single, so she wrote him message in her window.
This TikTok user wanted to know if her neighbor was single, so she wrote him message in her window.  © Tiktok Screenshot a129593

A user called a129593aon shared her lockdown love story on TikTok and the clip quickly won her viral success, with over 267,000 views. But was it enough to win her crush's heart?

It's clear from the beginning of the clip that this TikToker had a crush on her guitar playing neighbor across the street. But instead of just settling from admiring him from a distance, she decided to try and get in touch with him.

A simple hand-written sign taped to the window did the trick: "@ the man with the bike on the balcony. R U single?"

And it didn't take long for her to get a reply. However, the man's answer was only half positive: "Yes, but I'm movin... in 2 months. Sorry! P.S: Please, stay romantic." In other words, her crush is single but not looking to mingle.

"Worth a try," she wrote back with, along with a drawing of a broken heart. But the smitten woman didn't just simply accept defeat. She still posted her number with the words "just in case" on her window."

Is this the start of something beautiful?

Alex the neighbor from across the street wrote back!
Alex the neighbor from across the street wrote back!  © screenshot/ TikTok @ A129593A

And that persistence was rewarded when her crush actually wrote her a text message!

The video ends with a picture of a text message. "Hey this is Alex. I'm your neighbor across the gardens...," it starts, but the rest of the text is censored, so we don't know if this is the beginning of a real life lockdown love story or a painfully clear rebuff.

Regardless of how it pans out, TikTok users enjoyed the upload and had plenty to say about it. Many appreciated the romance, while were worried that the TikTok user's behavior verged on stalking. One person shared their own experience with window courting: "This is actually how me and my husband met...16 years ago. He and his mate put signs in his window. The rest is history."

We can only hope that the original poster will upload a sequel to clear it all up sometime soon.

Cover photo: Tiktok Screenshot a129593

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