A tattoo artist on TikTok dishes on awkward Playboy Bunny ink session

Not a day goes by that a tattoo artist isn't hit with a strange request, and one artist on TikTok spilled the tea about an awkward tat session involving a bold statement near a sensitive place.

A tattoo artist on TikTok dished on an awkward ink session.
A tattoo artist on TikTok dished on an awkward ink session.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@keeksandkooks

In the early 2000s, the Playboy Bunny logo was all the rage. Whether it was placed on hats, T-shirts, pants, or stickers to put on one's body at tanning salons, it was nearly impossible to escape this oddly iconic symbol.

Given that current fashion trends have resurrected '90s and early 2000s style, it's not surprising that the Playboy Bunny logo has started its comeback campaign, and one tattoo artist on TikTok has quite the story about it.

In a video that's amassed 2.8 million views, tattoo artist @keeksandkooks shared one of her experiences with a customer who unironically asked for a Playboy Bunny logo tat in a very peculiar place.

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She starts the video off by saying, "Nobody ever talks about the truly uncomfortable moments as a tattoo artist," before describing a customer who wanted a Playboy Bunny tat on the most southern point of his lower stomach.

When he came in for the ink, she tried to make small talk about his desired piece as many tattoo artists do. Because of his Playboy Bunny request, the artist said she asked if he was a fan of Playboy or Hugh Hefner.

After all, it's a very bold statement to make near one's nether regions, making this a valid small talk question.

Tattoo artist confirms tattoo trend on TikTok

"And he goes, 'uh, I guess,'" she continues. Near the end of the near-silent tattoo process, the artist says he asked in all seriousness if adding the word "Playboy" above it – in old English, nonetheless – would be cool.

The tattoo artist ended the TikTok by calling out those who inspired the video in the first place: "For those of you that are asking 'do people still really get Playboy Bunny tattoos?' The answer is yes."

Hey, to each their own!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@keeksandkooks

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