Body mod fanatic explains why she cut her finger off

Manchester, UK - Sitting across the table from Keith Gordon, a 63-year-old man covered from head-to-toe in tattoos, Torz Reynolds finally revealed why she made the decision to amputate her finger.

Torz Reynolds decided amputated her own finger in a radical act of body modification.
Torz Reynolds decided amputated her own finger in a radical act of body modification.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@nuestrosdedoscortados

Torz Reynolds, who hails from Colchester in Essex, UK, rose to fame a few years ago having chopped off her own finger and worn the end around her neck as a morbid and bizarre pendant.

To go along with her pendant (a small jar filled with an alcohol solution to preserve the amputated end of her finger), her boyfriend Xav gave her a collection of tiny hats to be placed humorously over the stump.

Now, Reynolds has sat down with fellow tattoo and body mod enthusiast Keith Gordon to talk about her favorite modifications and why she decided to cut off her own finger.

Torz Reynolds on her amputated finger: "It's cute, isn't it?"

Soon after the two started the interview, which was hosted on YouTube by LADbible TV, the topic of Reynolds' amputated finger came up, with Keith Gordon remarking, "That is incredible, that is!"

"So I have my finger amputated. I love it, it's so cute," Reynolds said at the video's outset. Then, in response to whether she cut it off herself, she explained, "I did, it's cute isn't it?"

"I was so full of adrenaline at the time, and I was so happy that I finally had done it. Come on, it's super cute!" She then proceeds to wriggle the stump of her little finger and say, "Wiggle, Wiggle."

Torz Reynolds decided to cut the top of her pinky off after being inspired by a friend. The night that she amputated it, she had a romantic dinner with her boyfriend, numbed the finger, and chopped it off with bolt cutters. Now, she calls the stump "Wiggles."

Despite how radical the change might be, it isn't even Reynolds' favorite body modification: "I suppose my tongue split, because that was my first mod, is pretty special. That's like what got me into it all."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@nuestrosdedoscortados

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