Body mod fanatic Orylan reveals health crisis and hits out at haters in hospital bed video

Houston, Texas - Having split her tongue, tattooed her eyes, and covered herself in ink, it was hard to think how Orylan could next shock her huge Instagram followers. Yet, in two recent videos, she did just that.

Orylan sent a message to hater from her hospital bed after experiencing a serious health scare.
Orylan sent a message to hater from her hospital bed after experiencing a serious health scare.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@orylan1999

Kierstyn Milligan, who goes by Orylan or @orylan1999 on social media, has been entertaining her followers for years, with a steady stream of videos showing off her split tongue and tattooed eyeballs.

Having posted a video a few days ago showing her taking drugs in the car while seeming to cry, it seems that the tattoo influencer has found herself in a spot of trouble.

Her latest clip, which she uploaded yesterday, sees her lying in a hospital bed ranting about haters and giving insights into how she found herself in the situation she's in.

Orylan hospitalized after heavy night out

In the original video, Orylan explained that she had originally tried to stop her drug habits, but instead ended up on a bender. According to the influencer, she's now in the hospital "with pneumonia in my lungs" and "tremors in my leg," due to her use of whippets.

A few days later, and still clearly unwell, she had certainly recovered enough to hit out at haters with a video.

"I just wanted to say, to all you stupid a** f***s out there, I am going to f***ing walk again," Orylan says to the camera, "I am going to overcome this, and I am never gonna do that stupid s*** again."

"I can't walk, I have tremors, and other social media outlets wanna talk about me behind my back. That's fine, just know, I'm gonna get out of here, and I am going to be more successful than ever."

"I don't know what day I got here, I got here on my birthday, though, that was probably the best gift I could have gotten, um, getting sober."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@orylan1999

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